How Tutors Can Help Improve a Student's Performance

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

Parents often consider enlisting the help of a tutor when they suspect their son or daughter is struggling with schoolwork. Tutors provide academic assistance and support, which can help anyone who is struggling with a difficult subject. Some of the ways tutors can assist your child with school include

We provide help to College and University students who attend Greek or English speaking post-secondary educational establishments.


Dyslexia is a common learning disability which causes difficulties with reading and writing words and letters. The symptoms can range from mild difficulty spelling or sounding out words to the inability to memorize or recognize the letters of the alphabet. What do we offer?


The Seminars are the first step for people who want more out of life and are curious about how to get it. They provide a unique opportunity to consciously grow as a human being and expand into a new vision of you.

Wherever you happen to be —emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually— the Seminars will meet you there and help you get to where you want to be. Personal development courses are excellent success tools because they help people realize their dreams, become more self-confident, learn how to deal with emotions, connect with their spirituality and so much more. In short, they change your life because when you create a positive mind-set, everything changes for the better, including you!


The business core education provides a foundation for a business person, or a successor, or someone who wants to understand the basic Business themes through Distance learning.

Among others, courses include:


Personal development seminars will help participants to identify their aspirations, work on individual goal setting, and broaden their work vision. Specific seminars focus on the management of complex work situations in a creative and holistic manner. Topics include among others the following:


“The more we know, the easier it becomes to admit what we don’t know.”

The basic Business Seminars provide students with a comprehensive understanding of management principles, business-oriented technology and interpersonal skills.

Generally, they cover basic business principles and practices, management, critical thinking, project planning and implementation, business software and communication.

Among others, the following seminars will be offered:


SBP, The Society of Business Practitioners was formed by a number of experienced educationalists and business executives to fulfil a need to set standards and principles in business practice which could best be achieved by examination processes. They determined that both inexperienced and mature students should be able to follow a career in further education or be proficient in employment.

The concentrations include:


All students need support to be successful and find their career path when they graduate from high school. Getting accepted into a university has become increasingly difficult and requires the combined efforts of the students, parents and school. Additionally, teens experience many social-emotional issues while in high school and the academically best students tend to struggle with issues of anxiety more than other students.

College guidance programs aim to help students make more informed and better educational choices. Among other things, we offer information on high school course offerings, career options, the type of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and postsecondary opportunities that are associated with their field of interest. Activities associated with career guidance and counselling programs typically include:

It should be stressed that we provide University cancelling ton students who plan to study in Europe, USA, Australia and China.


“Academic counselling prepares tomorrow’s leaders today … and supports student success.”

Academic counselling today offers support for high school and college students that reaches far beyond course planning and career advising. Academic counselling is a process of information exchange that empowers students to realize their maximum educational potential. The goal of Academic Counselling is that students will gain a clearer understanding of them and be able to accomplish their goals with wise academic choices. Academic counselling tries to develop techniques to help students succeed, not only in the classroom but also in life. These strategies emphasize relationships, holistic support and active student involvement in the counselling process. They include:

Your academic advisor will understand and respect your uniqueness and educational goals as he/she informs you about the purpose and potential of higher education. Of main importance you will be assisted in developing academic/career plans consistent with your goals, interests, and abilities.


A selection committee will examine the application of each student wanting to enter the International Baccalaureate Program. The committee is usually comprised of the IB coordinator, teachers, counsellors, and administrators.

The following factors are usually considered:

Sometimes students may be asked to attend a pre-IB programme before they enrol. Once accepted, students must maintain an appropriate level of academic achievement in their IB course work. Progress will be continuously monitored and evaluated by both the teacher/year tutor and the IB Coordinator. In case that the performance of a student is not satisfactory, the student may be asked to withdraw from the programme.


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The secrets of successful people include: