Dear student, parent, guardian,

We would like to welcome you to our site www.iblessons.edu.gr and inform you that we are a team of highly experienced IB teachers actively involved in the IB program for many years as teachers, private tutors, IB examiners and academic counselors. Selecting the IB program as an educational system will help launch your career as an academic student and it will facilitate your admission to the most prestigious universities globally (including Europe and America). In this way, the IB will open new perspectives for your future academic and professional development. However, the IB program is particularly demanding and competition is especially stiff… Therefore, your two-year preparation for the IB Diploma must be consistent, systematic and efficient.

This is where we can help you. Our educational team possesses long-term expertise, professionalism and fervor as regards what we offer to our students. We aim not only at a mere assimilation of the IB curriculum and its taught syllabi but also and above all, we target at the effectiveness of learning something that can only be achieved through a constructive merger between critical and analytical thinking.

We offer our assistance in a variety of subjects/courses, including CAS Diaries, TOK assignments, SAT General Test, SAT subject tests as well as AP. In this way, we are able to tackle all the necessary academic prerequisites and all university entry exams from a holistic perspective. Our assistance can extend to matters of University Placement, UCAS Application, and Personal Statement. This means that we are capable of finding solutions to any issues or questions you may encounter both prior and during your study in the IB program


In addition, we offer our help to students who have Dyslexia or ADD (attention deficit disorder) by focusing on an individual basis on the skills and unique talents of each student. Finally, we are capable of conducting our classes through SKYPE, thus reducing the cost and time for your transportation.

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